Teijo Tikkanen - a Finnish Voice-over artist

Hi there!

First off, let me introduce myself: My name is Teijo Tikkanen. I ´m a voiceover artist and also run a professional recording studio here in Finland. I do voice-overs, dubbing, voice acting, audio editing, sound design and music production.

I have been delivering high quality voiceover audio for all kinds of digital media for over a decade now. I have a convincing, low baritone/bass
voice with clear articulation and good skills in voice acting. I can go from friendly/compassionate/gentle/warm & tranquil to more epic, Hollywood-trailer-like, authoritarian expression. As a native Finnish speaker with excellent grammar, I can also do various Finnish accents fluently.
For audio/video tutorials and e-learning, I can create a pleasant sonic environment for your AV production with a general purposed, more neutral speaking tone.
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voiceover samples

You'll find mp3 samples listed by category at SHOWREELS page.
Alternatively, you can download a ZIP package containing all mp3 files below.
So - Let me offer you my services in Finnish voiceover localisation.
I know my way around the oddities and those subtle but ever-so-important little things in voiceover presentation styles that make your Finnish customers comfortable and convinced.

• I speak good general everyday english, can work with english scripts and communicate
in english even in more advanced cases.
I can even translate your script from english to Finnish or do proof-reading for you.

• I practice high business standards. I deliver high quality, clean and edited voiceover files. I am online and reachable almost 24/7/365. I react fast in the process and, in most cases, deliver my services to a client way before due time.

File transfers are handled fast and secure with Dropbox or WeTransfer.

• Payments with international customers go smoothly via PayPal.
So, should you ever find yourself in need of a solid, reliable partner in your Finnish voiceover needs - please do not hesitate to contact me via email or using the Live Chat or Contact Form below.

I'd be happy to be at your service.

contact me!

(A friendly note to other VoiceOver artists and colleagues:
Please don't send me any job applications. I am a one-man company and NOT hiring any outside speakers, musicians etc. Thank you!)